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Google Housing Ads Policy

Latest update from Google changing ad policy for housing, employment and credit verticals. This ad policy will take effect from Oct 19, 2020, age, gender, parental and marital status targeting will not be available as per the press release on CNN

Google is making changes to its advertising policies to prevent "unlawful discrimination".

The new policy is applicable to the ads in the United States and Canada. Users will be sent notification and prompted to acknowledge and accept the changes.

Majority of the mortgage companies have products only specific to 60+ age group. Google and Facebook rolling out this policy it's difficult to target these audience. However, experts and companies say it's not going to change anything for them. They haven't been using age or gender targeting for the marketing campaigns.

Ad Platforms still gives the ability to target the segment audience using in-market and affinity targeting options to reach the right customer with the right message.

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