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The Ultimate Guide to B2B Marketing in 2020

B2B marketing has become more competitive and the journey of the customer is long to convert. On an average a user has 12 touch points before converting. Here's the ultimate guide to B2B marketing in 2020 / 2021 by Media Nirvana:

The winning B2B strategy need to implement various strategies. Media Nirvana has put together them for B2B to grow their business.


Website with a great content that solve the pain points of business. Presence on social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google My Business will increase trust and credibility

Video Marketing

Video marketing has been high effective at driving traffic, nurturing traffic from prospects. The advantages of video marketing increase customer engagement. Enhance customer retention rate.

Content Marketing

Quality content has proven to generate traffic and conversion both in B2C and B2B industry. Content marketing plays a vital role in the buyers journey moving from prospective phase. According to experts Neil Patel and Avinash Kaushik content is a critical asset for B2B companies and it's appeal to your audience. Strategies include:

  • Email marketing platform you choose

  • Buyer personas

  • Where the content is posted to reach the audience

  • Brainstorm ideas to create content on specific topics

  • Track the performance of the campaigns to reach the goals

Search Engine Optimization

After generating content, optimizing the content for search engine play a vital role to improve the rankings of the website. The SEO helps business to reach prospect audience to enter the sales funnel. The below image gives you an overview of buyer journey:

Google Ads

Google PPC offers B2B companies to generate leads fast and efficiently. Google Search campaign allows businesses to target relevant keywords to reach the right audience with the right message. That means you are reaching out to audience

who is searching for business or service.

The strategy would be research right keywords and write compelling ad copies driving the users to the relevant landing pages.

Event Marketing

Event marketing strategies are effective to promote your brand or product with an in-person real-time engagement. As per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the industry will grow by 50% in 2021

This will help companies build their brand, increase sales and share knowledge of your products to prospects, and also up-sell your other products.

Affiliates and Partnerships

Affiliate marketing plays a vital role in increasing the reach and sales. To build brand awareness and push the customers down the funnel, partner with influencer, affiliate networks and publishers and share commission percentage on each sale.

Platforms like AWIN, Adzooma and Affliate Future has driving more traffic and brands has seen increase in sales. Partnering with your niche publishers have added value as per the industry stats.


10% of the advertising budget is invested in Remarketing programs to re-engage with the customers who have visited your website or performed some action which shows the interest in your product. Remarketing platforms like Adroll had shown conversion rates

greater then 5%.

Marketing Automation

Email Marketing:

In automating email marketing platforms like Hubspot, Marketo add a great impact dirving quality leads.

Build targeted contact lists - > execute the campaign - > Measure website behavior and activity - > Segment based on activity - > Route qualified leads to CRM - > Move warm leads to nurture cycle - > Analyse Sale Performance

Other automation strategies include

  • Automated live chat

  • Reduce the churn rate by asking questions why they want to cancel the subscriptions. This process can be automated to reduce churn rate

  • Automate chat and response on social media

Take help of B2B marketing experts as B2B buyers tend to do a lot of comparison

during the sales cycle. Get started, get in touch with Media Nirvana to get a free quote on winning B2B strategy.


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