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Top Reasons to Continue Marketing During Pandemic

The whole world is having a tough time due to COVID. Slowly the market is opening up taking the necessary precautions. As per the stats shared by Neil Patel the advertising spend on all the industries have been very low in the last 6 months as the small businesses has stopped their campaigns and digital marketing activities due to budget constraint.

Most profitable industries during the lock-down are Food, Healthcare, Media and Pharma. However, the small businesses are missing on the great opportunity by not advertising.

The top reason why you should continue marketing during this pandemic is cost per click is very low when no one is advertising. The advertising platforms inventory has empty display advertising slots and there's no competition so each click cost is low.

Though the conversion rates are dropping businesses can capitalize on more reach and branding by reaching out to more audience with low cost. You can use these audience list to re-engage using Remarketing tactics.

To conclude if you are a startup business looking for a brand reach, get in touch with us.

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