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Why You Need A Google PPC Brand Campaign?

Wondering why you need a Google PPC brand campaign when you brand name is ranking on the first page organically?. Media Nirvana have done market research across verticals and collated few points from WordStream and SEMRush experts. Take a look at the advantages of having a brand campaign:

Brand campaign ensure that anyone searching for brand is able to see your website above organic listing.

The customized message in the brand campaign ads helps you communicate with the customers about the upcoming sale which are unable to be picked by organically. The purpose of the brand campaign is to build awareness of and positive associations with

your campaign. Most importantly you are not making any changes to your Home Page SEO and conveying the message

Brand campaigns play a vital role tackle the competition by have paid brand campaigns bidding on your own brand. Have a look at the below example, Wordstream is not ranking on the top for it own brand as the competitors are taking over:

To ensure there is no competition make sure you have more than 95% impression share on your paid campaigns. That means you are staying a head of your competitors.

We at Media Nirvana recommend all our partners and clients to have the best campaign structure for the Google Brand Campaigns.

A very simple structure single keyword for each adgroup. Are you searching for an agency or partner to help you stay a head of your competition. Get in touch with us today.

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